How important is Product Management?

In today’s market delivering the right product at the right price is crucial for companies to be competitive and thrive. Successful companies are the ones that define their products and services and produce and promote them more efficiently and effectively – to attain this, companies must excel at product management.

At datafields we can help your company succeed by defining the best product to suit your target market at the right price.

One of our clients wanted to launch an innovative product for the Oporto Real Estate market: serviced apartments. datafields' team defined the best strategy to collect the information for a market study to help the client define the product. We have done the field research, interviews and mystery shopping, amongst other types of research. With the data gathered we were able to do the analysis and provided valuable market intelligence that allowed our client to define a winning product and the best marketing strategy to promote it.


In Summary:

Task: Market research and feasibility study of luxury serviced apartments in Oporto.


  • Database management and customer profiling
  • Field research, desk research, interviews, telemarketing research and mystery shopping
  • Extensive data analysis, providing market intelligence, competition analysis and lead generation
  • Our service allowed the customer to design its product and market strategies.