Mystery Shopping Program


Mystery Shopping is one of the solutions Datafields offers to its customers. Mystery shopping can be used in any industry. Mystery shopping is a tool used to measure quality of service or compliance to regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. This is a complete and broad tool that allows companies to improve their service and products. Some of the most common venues are retail stores, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, fast food chains, banks, gas stations, car dealerships, apartments, health clubs and health care facilities.

Datafields runs a regular Mystery Shopping project for an airside retail outlet operator. We provide mystery shopping services in all the Portuguese international airports including the airports in Azores and Madeira.

Datafields is responsible for the selection of mystery shopping participants and their training. We use different methods for training of Mystery Shoppers to insure that they perform the visits according to the briefing and in the most objective way. We implement report quality checks and procedures and we do data analysis and reporting.

At Datafields you can find the best solution for your Mystery Shopping projects and we can help you setting up a mystery shopping project from defining the survey model and what information and improvement factors you wish to measure, to define the visit briefing and to report and data analysis. Our projects are sure to help you improve quality of service and increase procedures efficiency.


In Summary:


Task: Mystery Shopping project for a airside retail outlet operator.
  • We have provided mystery shopping service from all the Portuguese international airports including the airports in Azores and Madeira.
  • Selection of mystery shopping participants and training.
  • Implemented report quality checks and procedures.
  • Data analysis and reporting.