To win, think different

In a competitive market being the best is not enough and does not guarantee anything in terms of success. In order to beat the competition and win in a financially stressed market companies have to be creative in their approach to win customers.

The challenge was to find potential customers for our client’s new office development.

Datafields was contacted by its customer – a well known construction and real estate company – with the objective of helping the marketing and sales team:

  • Know the competition
  • Find leads
  • Define a sales strategy and arguments.

Datafields developed a solution using a combination of methodologies and types of studies. First we have created a database of potential targets according to the customer profiled defined in conjunction with the client’s marketing and sales team. We have then set up a field research exercise and used telemarketing and mystery shopping in order to gather intelligence on both competition and what was being offered in the geographic area where the new office development would be created and also on potential customers and the current conditions they had in their offices. After extensive data gathering and analysis Datafields was able to provide comprehensive information on competition analysis and leads, identifying targets and sales arguments which were then used by the marketing and sales team to promote and sell the new office development.


In Summary:

Task: Market research and finding potential customers for a new office development in Portugal.

  • Database management and customer profiling
  • Field research, telemarketing research and mystery shopping
  • Extensive data analysis, providing market intelligence, competition analysis and lead generation