Complex Market Studies

At datafields we also develop complex and extensive Market Studies. For these we use different data gathering methods such as desk research, interviews, field research, telemarketing research and mystery shopping.
We have developed several studies for international clients analyzing the market as a whole and providing forecasts for a period of 5 years.

Promoting an Event to a target audience

Datafields was contracted by a French customer wanting to promote an event to HR managers of top Portuguese companies.

Our team developed the project opting for different solutions. We have selected a Business Database with the correct profile for the event in question. We have also done a telemarketing exercise to contact Human Resources Managers coupled with a targeted Email campaign to promote the event.

In order to increase response we have also sent out a personalised mailing of the event brochures and performed a follow up campaign.


In Summary:

Focus Group as a Marketing Tool

Datafields customer is a natural healthcare multinational who was looking for a celebrity to endorse new products which the company was going to launch in Portugal. In order to find out Portuguese consumers’ views on different natural products and possible celebrities to endorse those products, Datafields developed a Focus Group study.

To win, think different

In a competitive market being the best is not enough and does not guarantee anything in terms of success. In order to beat the competition and win in a financially stressed market companies have to be creative in their approach to win customers.

The challenge was to find potential customers for our client’s new office development.