Data Solutions

Data services for legal, risk, credit and insurance industries.

datafields specialises in gathering and formatting large amounts of unstructured public data for digital libraries. Our experience and technology have led us to develop and deploy more than 900 automated data-acquisition scripts to build digital libraries for top companies worldwide.

We build and operate the world's smartest data-acquisition robots.

datafields can build data from any source - PDF, Word, XL, CSV or any other format. We excel at converting data into a searchable format useful for fast searching, indexing and data-feeding such as XML. We can even mine valuable data from legacy systems.

You'll receive intelligent, actionable business data in real time.

datafields gathers, organises and searches legal-related documents to bring legal-data solutions including:

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy notifications
  • Property sales and foreclosures
  • Public and legal notices
  • Court documents and case law

datafields has built large, multilingual, searchable legal data sets incorporating local, state and regional information from court proceedings in many different countries throughout Europe, the UK, Asia, Latin America and Africa. For taylor made solutions, contact us.

Secure legal servers guarantee confidentiality.

datafields runs its industry-leading data-acquisition scripts on in-house servers that can be rapidly scaled to meet clients' needs. And we set the standard for legal data protection. These secure server installations remain under datafields' control to ensure confidentiality of client data. We provide court-admissible, verified chain of custody for data sets.

datafields offers information intelligence so you can make the best decisions.

For employers and businesspeople  we perform employment and business verifications and background checks using our deep-data mining technology.

Best of all, datafields brings a marketing-savvy perspective to data management - We help companies increase revenues and improve client satisfaction.


Our Data Solutions include:

  • Risk Credit and Risk Insurance Data Source
  • Building Unstructured Data to Structured Format
  • Database Creation and Management
  • Databases (Business and Consumer)
  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Capture
  • Creation of Data Capture Robots
  • Conversion of Data to XML
  • Legal Data Management
  • Data Management
  • IT Support