Direct Mail Production

At datafields, our aim is to work with you to achieve the exceptional control, the targets, the timing, the cost and the results that you are looking for from your direct mail marketing campaign. We will not just deliver on time and to budget; but also take an active role in the creation and development of your customer communications.

Our experience and knowledge can provide the best and the most cost effective direct mail production solution to our customers. Whether you require a production of a large door drop campaign, or a highly targeted and personalised complex mailing piece, we have all the infrastructure, facilities and knowledge under one roof to get the most from your budget.

We will co-ordinate everything from paper and envelope supply, litho and laser printing, through to advising on piece production and most cost effective mailing options. We specialise in larger non-standard, over-sized and shaped mail pack productions, and we complement our manual mail production services by utilising high volume mechanised direct mail production units to obtain the optimised cost benefits for our customers. We recognise that the best technology will provide the quickest service for our customers; hence we are continuously investing in more sophisticated and high-end mail production machineries.

Direct mail gives you exceptional control over your marketing: the targets, the timing, the costs, and even the results.

Mike Johnston, Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK

Mail Sortation / Discounts

Numerous mailing incentives and postage discounts are available from the mail carriers well below the published public tariffs for the direct mail users. In order to qualify for the discounts, mailing has to be treated, pre-sorted, bundled according to a destination area, delivery points and print barcodes where necessary at the origination of the mailing. We are an accredited mail production house for a number of mail carriers.

Okay, mailsorting sounds good, but what’s in it for me? We endeavour to mailsort all our mail, and the discounts we receive from mail carriers will be passed on to you, the customer. Hence, it is cost effective for you to outsource your direct mail production to datafields.


Our aim is to provide a complete one-stop solution to our valued customers. Our mail production service won’t be completed without a Polywrapping line. Polywrapping is a cost effective alternative to a mailing piece. It has its own advantages: Polythene is significantly cheaper than C4 paper envelopes; it is also lighter, which leads to a reduction in the overall postage cost. Clear polythene allows recipients to view material and an advertising media of its own in transit. This also avoids indiscriminate binning. We have extended industrial links allowing us to acquire plain polythene or printed polythene designed to your own specifications at discounted rates.