Marketing Database Management & Data Capture

Data Capture

Building relationships with customers requires capturing their details correctly; at datafields we can advise the best ways of collecting data and converting them into useable formats.

However your response arrives, our data capture team can provide a fast and accurate data capture service, using our own flexible and easily adaptable software packages.

Our capture systems are specifically designed to avoid mistyping and other human errors. Our stringent system validation processes are in place to make sure that we capture your customer details correctly and accurately from the beginning, to avoid time and costly data corrections scenarios.

From typical basic name and address work, to lifestyle questionnaires, our capture system uses the combination of online address validation, telephone number validation, customer name validation and correction functions, to ensure the accuracy and the correctness of the data for your future applications.

The following data capture application scenarios can be directly linked to our fulfilment operation.

  • Brochure request coupons
  • On-pack gift redemptions
  • Charity donation response handling
  • Direct mail order response handling
  • Goneaway mail processing

Database Construction

The heart of every successful campaign is a clean and powerful database. We understand the value of integrity, accuracy and the control of vital data as the most important factors in a direct marketing campaign.

Building and Management of normalised relational databases is one of our core competencies.

At datafields, we can design, build and maintain complex and flexible relational marketing databases according to your short term, medium and long-term operational, tactical and strategic requirements.

Data Manipulation

It is estimated that each year over 25%-30% of the direct marketing budget is wasted through misdirected mailings. Imagine how much you could save from a proper health check at datafields. Not only the direct cost, but also irreversible damage can be done to your brand value if the mailings continue to be incorrectly addressed.

With our complete in-house written programs and routines, we are able to offer an extensive range of data processing services and analysis tools that are imperative to the success of your campaign or project.

Our data manipulation service includes postcode generation, profiling, merge/purge, deduplication, salutation generation, and cleaning routines to ensure that your data is always as up-to-date as possible.


No two people are the same. Once time and money has been invested in creating and maintaining a data repository, it is essential for any successful marketing campaign to carefully evaluate the prospect files to identify the individuals that are most likely to become active clients.

The profiling techniques employed by datafields will be able to define exactly what type of an individual will most closely resemble your typical client. Further, we carry out product-specific, exhaustive geo-demographic factor analysis to identify individuals that are most likely to become active clients in order to yield a maximum response rate from the minimum quantity of potential customer contacts. Thus, maximizing the potential return on investments.