Mystery Shopping

Would you use a magic wand to learn:

  • How your customers perceive the services you offer.
  • The quality level of customer service your employees offer.
  • Which stores / employees are not following your guidelines.
  • How your products and promotions are presented.
  • Competitors services and prices.

Or you can work with datafields to resolve the mystery with our mystery shoppers.

Our Mystery Shopping Programs can help your organisation to:

  • Monitor and measure service performance.
  • Ensure products or services delivery quality.
  • Allow for competitive analyses.
  • Improve customer retention.
  • Ensure positive customer relationships on the front line.
  • Identify training needs and sales opportunities.
  • Support promotional programs.
  • Monitor environment and facility conditions.
  • Obtain a feedback from front line operations.
  • Compliment marketing research data.

Our Mystery Shopping Programs can be adapted to suit most organisational needs and requirements.

Currently we offer following Mystery Shopping Options:

  • Visit Mystery Shopping.
  • Postal Mystery Shopping.
  • Telephone Mystery Shopping.

Don't stay in the dark, if you want answers, work with us for your next Mystery Shopping Project.

  • We are constantly working hard to improve the dynamics of the mystery shopping.
  • We understand your strategic and business objectives.
  • We always implement best practices and standards.
  • We do it differently.
  • We wrote a mystery shopping manual to help our clients
  • After an extensive research and development.
  • We can draw in our experience and expertise in direct marketing sector to complement mystery shopping.
  • We have all the infrastructure, experience and expertise
  • Knowledge under one roof to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients.

Interested in becoming a shopper?

Please send your CV via Contact Us page. Please note that all our shoppers required to attend an induction program and our internal workshops.

We are looking for travelling mystery shoppers.  Click here for details.

Click here to login to our Mystery Shopping portal.

We have catered our Mystery Shopping programs for various different industry sectors including:

  • Manufactures.
  • Property management and construction firms.
  • Banks.
  • Retailers.
  • Franchise operations.
  • Call Centers.
  • Hotels and restaurant chains.
  • Travel and Tourism sector.
  • Fitness and health centers.

and more... We can define and execute a program to suite your organisational budget, needs and requirements.