Order Fulfillment & Warehousing Services

As you would expect from a quality direct mail company, we offer complete order processing, warehousing and distribution services.

Order Fulfilment

Whether the order originates internally or comes from an external source and regardless of whether you would like to fill 1 or 1000 orders per day, our fulfilment centre can offer you a logistics solution tailored to your requirements.

We are strategically located in north Portugal near a seaport, airport, and road haulage logistical hub to serve the UK and the other continental European destinations. The major cost savings we have achieved in shipping, storage and labour costs within Europe has hugely benefited our customers. Our rapid order processing with additional options makes us the ideal e-business fulfilment partner.

We specialise in e-commerce and mail order fulfilments, backed by sophisticated product tracking and automated stock management software system. We offer a one-stop personalised order fulfilment solution, including picking and packing, assembly line, environmental packaging and worldwide shipping arrangements.

Warehousing Services

At datafields, we offer the following comprehensive warehousing services:

Stock Control: We have a fully computerised stock control system for tracking all campaign material, from delivery to post-mailing.

Easy Location / Access To Items: Every item of your stock is stored, numbered and labelled under the title of your company or campaign and will be stored in specific campaign or customer allocated areas.

On-line Reporting System: It is easy to lose track of stocks if you are sending out frequent mailings, as there are often variations in the number sent out in each campaign. Our online stock system can provide you with periodical or online reports whenever you require them, showing usage, mailing dates and remaining stock levels. All our stock reports are available online for our customers and will be provided in electronic formats that can be easily manipulated or in a format that can be imported into our client’s own software systems.

Secure Storage Facilities: A variety of storage capabilities are available to support a wide range of storage solutions. Typically, one solution rarely suits all customer requirements, but as a fulfilment house we are able to adapt and modify a carefully selected solution for each of our customers.

We cater to the following storage requirements:

Pallet Storage: GKN Blue (1.2m x 1.0m x 1.2m) and Euro Pallets (0.9m x 1.0m x 1.2m).

Bulk Storage: Oversize pallets / Bulk item storage

Secure Shelf Storage: Available within a caged secure storage area for high value, hand pickable items.