Portuguese Postcode/Address finder

Benefits of the Portuguese address finder:

  • Allows users to capture up-to-date Portuguese addresses rapidly ensuring accuracy, and in a consistent format.
  • Data can be verified and validated at the point of entry to avoid time and costly data correction scenarios.
  • Reduction in volumes of undeliverable and returned mail.
  • Substantial cost savings.
  • Can be used as a marketing tool i.e. To find out delivery points in a particular street, or to find all the street names of a given post town etc.
  • Improves customer service and perception.

Portuguese postcode / address finder is an application developed by datafields to facilitate its users to rapidly lookup for a complete Portuguese address from partial address information. The application can be used as a standalone product or can be incorporated into any application that required Portuguese address capturing.


  • List all the street names in a post town
  • Use outcode (first 4 digits of the post code) to find all the streets and post towns within the outcode
  • Find all the streets belongs to a post town.
  • Find house number range (delivery points) in a street.
  • Data can be sorted using outcode, incode, street name, post town etc.

Address finder standalone version is available for a free trial period. Please contact datafields for more information.

We also provide bureau based address enhancement and management services like:
  • Post coding of incomplete addresses.
  • Correction of addresses and postcodes.
  • Database reformatting of validated & corrected addresses.
  • Manual postcode research.
  • Generation of formatted mailing output files for printing.

System Requirements:

  • Any Windows operating system.
  • Approx 70MG of hard drive space on a server or on a work station for the data files.