We are looking for Travelling Mystery Shoppers - PRTFRQFLYFR-2013

Datafields is marketing and IT services company based in Portugal (www.datafields.net). We are looking for travellers, who are flying from any Portuguese airport during the next 12 months (01 st July 2013 to 30 th September 2014) to participate in customer satisfaction program. Participants must evaluate the services they receive from commercial establishments located in the Airports. Please note the air travellers will be remunerated for their work but not for any purchase. The details are as follows;

•  In order to participate, you must be a traveller, flying from any Portuguese mainland airports (i.e Porto, Lisbon and Faro) or from any airport in Azores and Madeira.

•  You should be able fill a simple form in good English. (About 3 pages with multiple selection questions and some comments).

•  We are looking for travellers who pay attention to details.

•  You have to interact with sales agents in order to complete the study. Hence you should be comfortable communicating with sales agents and other personal. You could do this in Portuguese or English but the form has to be completed in English.

•  You may be able to do 2 – 3 reports per trip. This is a 2 stage process; first you will fill out a basic paper report at the Airport and then complete the rest at our online system.

•  The above work will add about 30 – 40 minutes (per report) to your travel time and another 20 minutes later on to complete the rest of the form online.

•  The company will pay for per report basis.

•  Priority will be given to more frequent travellers.

•  You can do this work anytime you travel.

•  We will email you all the training material on how to do the survey and you should be familiar with it before your travel. A vocal briefing (telephone) and training is also provided.

•  Please email your profile (we need the following information) or your CV. Additionally you should let us know when you are intending to travel and from which airport. (The program runs from 1 st of July 2013 till 30 th September 2014). We stress that priority will be given to people with confirmed travel plans and frequent travellers.

•  Please email your details to jobs@datafields.net with the information of your travel details. Please quote the following reference number in your email's subject line PRTFRQFLYFR-2013

Please note we need following profile information

Name and Contact details (postal address, email and contact number/s)





The Highest academic qualifications

When are you intend to travel (which Portuguese airport and travel dates)


Badge Holder (Non traveller) Opportunity: There are a few badge holder opportunities available for the above program. Badge holders are non travellers who will participate in the program in addition to the participating travellers. Badge holders have some additional responsibilities but could participate in the program without the travelling requirement. There is only limited number of badge holder opportunities available and the details are as follows;

•  Badge holder could participate and file the reports at any time an airport operates.

•  In order to obtain a badge a participant has to attend a 4 hour security and safety training at any of the following airport. (Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Ponta delgada or Madeira). The training sessions will occur during working hours.

•  Datafields could not reimburse any cost associated with the training i.e. travelling cost or payment for the 4 hour training period. However company will pay the airport authority for the cost of the security and safety training. Hence the training is limited to few selected candidates.

•  Once the badge is obtained a participant could work on any airport as a badge holder, for current and any future program.

•  Please email your CV to jobs@datafields.net Please indicate if you wish to be considered for the Badge Holder opportunity.